Design For A Website

Website Design And Management

How To Create A Wordpress Website

How To Create A Wordpress Website

How To Create A Joomla Website

How To Create A Joomla Website

Learn Search Engine Optimization

Learn Search Engine Optimization

Learn How To Market Your Website

Learn How To Market Your Website

Learn how to create your own website with Wordpress or Joomla

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Learn the basics of how to maintain your website and keep it running smoothly

Start an online business

Start an online business

Learn how to earn money online you can dropship or become an affiliate marketer

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Learn how to optimize your website and achive better Google rankings

Learn The Essentials Of Website Management

Learning the essentials of good website management will ensure that you have a trouble free experience while creating your own website.

web hosting

Web Hosting

  • Shared Web Hosting servers are the most cost effective and the most popular type of web hosting server available, shared web hosting is suitable for personal websites
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
domain name

Domain Names

  • You maybe asking yourself what is a domain name and what is it used for when creating a website, we will try and explain to you so that you understand when setting up your site
  • Top Level Domains
  • Sub Domains
  • Sub Folders
search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

  • On page SEO is all about optimizing your websites structure which allows your business or services to be found amongst the hundreds of other products or services online just like yours.
  • Keywords
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Title Tags

content management systems

Content Management Systems

Ever dreamed of creating your very own website you do not need to employ an expensive web designer you can achieve this yourself by following our step by step guide create a website.

There are two main free to use platforms available for creating your own website Wordpress and Joomla, these two content management systems are designed to make creating a website very easy and both have there advantages and disadvantages Wordpress VS Joomla

Domain And Web Hosting

The first step to building your website is to obtain a domain name and find the best web hosting provider for the style of your website, with most web hosting companies these days you can purchase a domain name from them when you sign up for web hosting or they may provide a free domain name with your first term of hosting.

The domain name needs to incorporate your keywords for a better chance of ranking in Google and needs to be as short as possible and easy to remember, read this articles for a great explaination about domain names.

Selecting a hosting plan to suit your website is a little bit more difficult, for a club website or community type website or just to get online at an affordable price then select from one of the many shared hosting plans that are available, we recommend a shared hosting plan with A2 Hosting, for a small business or online forum or blog we recommend a VPS Hosting plan, and for large businesses or ECommerce we recommend a Dedicated server or Cloud hosting

Website Monetization Earn A Living Online

There are several solutions available for earing a living online you can become a drop shipping agent or try your hand at affiliate marketing

Dropshipping With Shopify

  • What is shopify we will explain how you can earn an income from dropshipping with Shopify, running your own online store is a big dream for alot of people you become your own boss you can work from home and donot need to travel in traffic to get to work.

Woocommerce For Wordpress

  • The Woocommerce Plugin has been designed to simplify dropshipping products from your own website or selling your own manufactured products online the plugin is completely free to use and we throughly recommend Woocommerce for your online store.

Dropshipping With Alidropship

  • The Alidropship Woocommerce plugin is designed to fully incorporate with the Wordpress content management system and the Woocommerce plugin and takes care of every aspect of setting up your dropshipping website from sales to marketing.

Power Of Social Media

A great way to attract more visitors to your website is to enable some sort of social media website integration on the site, through social media linking a community forum or to build a social group with other like minded people who are interested in your chosen subject, there are a ton of components available for Joomla CMS based websites and various plugins available for Wordpress users to build interesting and engaging social platforms.

For your websites search engine optimization, linking to your Facebook page from your website is a great idea, you can grab the code for this straight from your Facebook page under your settings and copy and paste to your website or use an extension  this will enable your visitors to visit your page directly from your site, and vise versa always make sure your website link is on your Facebook page.

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